YII Setup

1) Download files from Yii website & copy them in your webserver root folder

2) Open command prompt & go to the path where you have put in the Yii folder
3) In Yii directory go the “Frameworks” folder
4) Type in command “yiic”
5) If no error go to step 6, or If you get “php” not found error, setup your “php” path in the “yiic.bat” file in the Frameworks folder.
6) Now type in the command “yiic” in the command prompt
7) Gives you options as to what you can do with the command
8) As you want to create a web app, execute command “yiic webapp”
9) It will throw an error as it doesn’t have folder location where to create the webapp
10) Type in the command with folder location “yiic webapp c:\inetpub\www\test”
11) It will ask your permission to create a web app in that location
12) Type in “yes” for creating a test webapp

Connecting to DB:

1) To connect to Databases, PDO extensions must be enabled on in php.ini file
2) Mssql can be connected in the same way you connect mysql.
3) MSSQL might throw error because the driver won’t support “emulatePrepare”
4) Remove it & try you will get it working