WAMP/localhost access in the domain network

If you want to access WAMP installed one computer from another computer or a mobile device:

  1. Check Firewall settings and make sure port 80 is open. If it is not open, follow this link to know how to open port 80 for HTTP requests.  https://wiki.mcneel.com/zoo/window7firewall
  2. If the Firewall settings are ok and you’re still not able to access it then you’ll need to edit httpd.conf file of your Apache server.
    1. Add your local ip range to the ‘Require’ part of the code.
    2. Follow the below link to know how: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23382627/wamp-cannot-access-on-local-network-403-forbidden

WinSCP – Public key authentication

  • Generate public & private key with a passphrase using PuttyGen
  • Send public key to the UNIX admins to attach it to the login
  • Attach the private key stored on the computer to the login parameters
  • Use the passphrase for the private key to login