Laravel Tutorial

Using Laravel:
1) Created database for Laravel, you can see the options in for various database servers on config.php
2) Use any database server and set the parameters on config/database.php and also on the ‘env’ file on the root directory
3) for installing migration “php artisan migrate:install”
4) migrate table gets created
5) to make a migration “php artisan make:migration create_authors_table”
6) on successful creation open migrations, open the created migration
7) create schema in ‘up’ function of the class, drop schema in ‘down’ function
8) Schema query builder is used for creating tables
9) run migrations by using “php artisan migrate”
10) fluent query builder is used for inserting & updating tables
11) DB:: for crud operation into table
12) php artisan migrate:rollback for executing ‘down’ in the migrations (1 step at a time)
13) php artisan migrate:reset for executing ‘down’ on all migrations at once


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