Laravel Installation

  • Installing Laravel using composer
    Laravel is a PHP framework

    • Open command prompt (Windows)
    • Change directory and go to your webserver root directory (where you put all your website files)
    • Creating a new project in 2 ways:
      1. Execute this command “composer create-project laravel/laravel laravelApp”
      2. execute “laravel new laravelApp”
        1. this only works when laravel is installed globally
    • laravelApp is the new project name, you can your own project name, if the name is not specified new project will be created as laravel (name of the framework)
    • Above command executes laravel framework and all its dependencies
    • You’ll see a secure key provided on the screen on successful installation
    • On successful installation:
      • if you have local server running:
        • Navigate to “yourserver/laravelApp/public” to see welcome page(it shows ‘Laravel’)
      • if you want to use PHP built in environment

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