WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

WordPress is now powering 1 of every 6 websites on the internet. They have done something for experienced developers and also for novice users. I can’t simply say “WordPress.com” is for novice users & “WordPress.org” is for developers. Both have advantages & disadvantages.

WordPress.com – “Hosted for you” 

WordPress.org – “Open Source, Self-Hosted”

The differences are listed below:

WordPress.com Advantages:

  • Gives you a free blog
  • Free hosting
  • No charges for increased traffic
  • No need to manage the server
  • Very few security risks

WordPress.com Disadvantages:

  • Limited themes, plugins & settings
  • Can’t edit themes
  • Can’t edit PHP code
  • Custom domain names costs ($30 per year including security for personal information)
  • You can’t make money through advertising
  • No control over anything

WordPress.org Advantages:

  • Full control over everything
  • Install anything you want
  • Can customize plugins, settings & themes
  • Can modify PHP pages

WordPress.org Disadvantages:

  • Depending on your hosting service, additional cost may incur if you need more band width for increased traffic
  • Needs your efforts & money to make the site faster
  • Security risks from malicious themes & plugins

WordPress.com is blogging platform,  It is the easiest way to get a blog up & running for a completed beginner.

WordPress.org is where you can download the open source version of the software. You can put this site on your own web hosting service and run everything yourself.


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